Data to advance mobility justice

Transportation equity ensures that all people have access to affordable and convenient transportation options, regardless of income, race, ability, or location. This project aims to provide more equitable mobility benefits by collecting and providing infrastructure to sustainably support open data about sidewalks, transit paths, and on-demand transit services. Benefits extend to both traveler populations and planners.

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An ITS4US Project

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Transportation equity means giving people options to choose from, and letting them pick what works best for them.

– Amy Huang, Community Capacity Planning Specialist, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

TDEI project aims and approach

Everyone needs data they can trust. Our project addresses inequities in transportation data and travel information via a three-pronged approach:

  • Enhance data standards to include information relevant to all travelers and transit stakeholders.
  • Provide tools and data infrastructure reducing barriers for data stewards to collect, vet, maintain and use traveler-centric transportation data at scale.
  • Demonstrate our work through pilot data collections with private and public partners, and demonstration projects that make use of our data.

Learn more about becoming an organizational partner by exploring use cases for the Transportation Data Equity Initiative!

line drawings of all kinds of travelers ,including person with crutches, bicycle, cane, scooter, a guild-dog, skates, delivery trolly, white cane, and a group of children.
Map of the United states with 6 counties highlighted in blue, Snohomish and King Counties in WA, Columbia and Multnomah Counties in OR, and Baltimore and Hartford Counties in MD.

Stakeholder Case Studies

Learn more about the benefits of our approach, how different communities have gained knowledge and understanding through the Transportation Data Equity and how you can bring these conversations and tools into your community.

Current focus on 3 International Data Specifications

Engage with our data governance groups to update and refine standards as we objectively address accessibility and equity in transportation data.

multiple transportation layers shown as floating map layers.

TDEI Background

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